Γαστριμαργία ( lett. “insatiable belly”, lat. “Gula”) 


The sin of Gluttony is considered the most serious among those of desire, yet not because of material reasons such the excessive pleasure originated by eating to feel satisfied, for it is meant as insatiability of the soul, as the persistence of a need for answers before our own incompleteness (and subsequently imperfection). Gluttonous people try to fill the emptiness caused by their greedy will in a disorganised and failing way because they’re never satisfied, everytime they get something the human nature starts to desire something else because of its intrinsic being, starting like this an endlessly vicious cycle, misleading them away with the opportunity to find a real answer. Lye seems gluttonous at first, though he justifies his behaviour by telling that he’s actually starving, so the need for all that food can’t be an excess by definition. When Regulus underlines that he’s not the one who’s being satisfied no matter his actions, and remembering that he eats people’s memories, we can certainly deduce that his hunger is linked to something else that has some kind of spiritual value.

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